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One of my favourite scenic views, or something I like to envision in my mind is the sea, especially when it’s serene. Calm tides and gentle clouds complement each other. While everything is vast, the boat flows and ebbs with the waves, always trusting that the sea knows where it’s going to bring it.

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I’m currently learning to undo perfectionism. I want to erase it from my dictionary.
Sure, perfectionism may sound like an ideal to strive for, but that’s far from the truth. Perfectionism leaves you little room to grow.

True perfection is in progress.

Something ironic about being a perfectionist, is also being into art. Art is one of the furthest things from ‘perfect’. It’s a process of mess, chaos, blood, sweat and… tears. OK maybe not tears.


Hello 🙂 welcome to my little space.

Truthfully, it’s not easy to start off something from passion. For a long while, painting (or my idea of mellowpaints) was my little secret. I was afraid and scared of giving it a shot. Part of that fear stemmed from the possibilities of what others might say to me. Another part of that fear comes from uncertainty.

That was it. It was uncertainty.