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Ever since I was young, I would associate music with lots of colours, and thought that well… Everybody did the same too. Turns out, that’s not really the case. As a passing thought, I decided to ask some of my friends if they’d ever had that experience. Most of them said no. The best way I could describe what I meant was feeling and seeing tangible colours together when music came on.


There are many people using social media as a tool to grow their personal brand. The term ‘personal brand’ sounds extremely self-serving, but it’s really just about establishing yourself and your own content!

Looking at someone who has really good success may come with a feeling of amazement.

Damn, they surely hit the jackpot every single time.

It’s real easy to assume that based off a number, someone found their “success” overnight. That’s usually the furthest from the truth. There are some people though who hit the jackpot (ie. Viral content, started off with a big hit) and really, nobody can tell who’s the one who’ll skyrocket straight away.


Recently, I completed a podcast with a bunch of friends, and after the podcast we just chatted. One of them is a very keen photographer who takes stunning shots, which led us to talk about how people use social media to share creatively.

After the chat ended, I was thinking to myself how a year ago, I didn’t dare to share my work at all. I was a closeted artist. There would be a handful of people close to me who told me my artwork had potential (when I first started out), but I didn’t have that faith in myself. Subconsciously, I was comparing my art skills to those who have been refining their craft for years. I felt small.


You’re probably a busy person. You have external commitments, whether it’s family, work or school. Art has always been your safe haven, but then you realise that you simply don’t have the time for it like how you used to…

Truth is, you actually do.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. It’s all about how you split your time. In the end, time management doesn’t exist (I mean you can’t control a depreciating asset – something that you can never get back). What does exist though, is self-management. If art is something important in your life, there’ll always be time for it.


Damn do I really love Wacom tablets. (PS: I’m not sponsored or anything hahaha)

I got my very tablet when I was 11 as a gift. It was the Wacom Bamboo CTH-460 model.


CTH-460 (Image credit: Amazon)

My fascination with drawing/painting digitally started when I was very young. I remember going to a trade show one day, and seeing Cintiq right before my eyes. I was so intrigued. My young mind couldn’t process the logic of drawings appearing on screen. Art to me was using paper and pencil.


I’m currently learning to undo perfectionism. I want to erase it from my dictionary.
Sure, perfectionism may sound like an ideal to strive for, but that’s far from the truth. Perfectionism leaves you little room to grow.

True perfection is in progress.

Something ironic about being a perfectionist, is also being into art. Art is one of the furthest things from ‘perfect’. It’s a process of mess, chaos, blood, sweat and… tears. OK maybe not tears.