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I haven’t been honest with my art recently. Or I suppose I haven’t created what I intended to create.

I have this tendency of turning passion into tasks, and likewise the tasks turn into a routine. There isn’t anything bad in coming up with a routine to aid your creative mind, in fact it’s actually a good thing to be consistent. Problem is, I was focused too much on the routine aspect, rather than the creation aspect.


I’m currently learning to undo perfectionism. I want to erase it from my dictionary.
Sure, perfectionism may sound like an ideal to strive for, but that’s far from the truth. Perfectionism leaves you little room to grow.

True perfection is in progress.

Something ironic about being a perfectionist, is also being into art. Art is one of the furthest things from ‘perfect’. It’s a process of mess, chaos, blood, sweat and… tears. OK maybe not tears.