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Recently, I completed a podcast with a bunch of friends, and after the podcast we just chatted. One of them is a very keen photographer who takes stunning shots, which led us to talk about how people use social media to share creatively.

After the chat ended, I was thinking to myself how a year ago, I didn’t dare to share my work at all. I was a closeted artist. There would be a handful of people close to me who told me my artwork had potential (when I first started out), but I didn’t have that faith in myself. Subconsciously, I was comparing my art skills to those who have been refining their craft for years. I felt small.


It’s currently 12:30am as I’m writing this and waiting for a video to export. I’ve always considered myself more of a night owl than anything.

Anyway, recently I’ve felt my mind become free. For the longest time, I felt that life was linear. I felt that there was a certain kind of mould to fit into. I felt that I had to hit certain milestones in life in order to lead a fulfilling and meaningful existence. I felt that I couldn’t change or shift my circumstances.


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Stop right there, friend.

Disclaimer: Everything in this post is solely my opinion and should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Hello 🙂 welcome to my little space.

Truthfully, it’s not easy to start off something from passion. For a long while, painting (or my idea of mellowpaints) was my little secret. I was afraid and scared of giving it a shot. Part of that fear stemmed from the possibilities of what others might say to me. Another part of that fear comes from uncertainty.

That was it. It was uncertainty.