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Ruth Taveras is the artist of December – her work features a rich array of flowers, gardens and anything nature inspired. With Impressionism as her art style, you can observe the movements of her brush strokes in all her pieces.

Living in bustling New York, Ruth finds refuge from the city in the New York Botanical Garden. The garden is a world away from the Big Apple, allowing the artist to feel as though she’s on an exotic vacation! She was driven to paint her happy place to share her memories and experiences with the world.

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“Radiance” NY Botanical Gardens, Summer 2017


Nobody loves painting fairylands as much as Tina Britney does. With every mesmerising painting coming from her imagination, her Instagram features her miniature creations.

Tina has always been surrounded by art.

In high school, she studied Fine Arts. She furthered her studies in Mass Art at Boston and off campus at Northeastern University. The fairyland artist has even gone as far as winning the Boston Globe Art Awards!