digital nature landscapes

It’s been a whole month since I’ve been here blogging on this site. It’s been a whole month since I’ve posted on mellowpaints, and it’s been a long month. Have I forgotten about this passion of mine? Well, definitely not. It’s been on my mind and heart all day all the time.

I took a short (but unannounced) break over the holidays. I wanted to spend less time on my screen, and more time surrounded by friends and family. More time reflecting on the things that I have been doing, and the things that I want to be doing in the near future. I’ve been going through a period of uncertainty, not exactly ungratefulness or stress, but just a period of feeling as though I’m in limbo.

Mellowpaints is something that’ll always grow with me, and I’ve learnt that while this aspect of me is very important, sometimes other things have to take priority first.

The very first thing that’s been buzzing on everybody’s mind (especially mine) is graduation! The questions of what do you want to do, who do you want to be, what path do you want to choose, has come flooding my way. I’m honestly always caught off guard whenever I have people ask me these questions. I think it’s a very interesting time of life right now, it feels as though I have to prematurely discover what I want to pursue right here and now. Truth be told, I used to have a very concrete plan of courses I want to apply to; but now that’s changed. I’ve realised how much I’ve changed in terms of my own beliefs and values. At least these changes haven’t been bad.

The second thing is time. Where has time gone? I find that sometimes I can get caught up with things that may not truly matter to me. This was my biggest struggle with mellowpaints, simply because I became caught up with the whole routine of having to update daily. I love art and creativity but more often than not, being too caught up with unimportant matters can drain you out.

I feel that these two factors were what I’ve really reflected on. I know that 2019 is a year of crazy changes and tons of abundance, and it’s both scary yet exciting.


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