The Growing Pains of Creating Content

There are many people using social media as a tool to grow their personal brand. The term ‘personal brand’ sounds extremely self-serving, but it’s really just about establishing yourself and your own content!

Looking at someone who has really good success may come with a feeling of amazement.

Damn, they surely hit the jackpot every single time.

It’s real easy to assume that based off a number, someone found their “success” overnight. That’s usually the furthest from the truth. There are some people though who hit the jackpot (ie. Viral content, started off with a big hit) and really, nobody can tell who’s the one who’ll skyrocket straight away.

For the majority of people who build their personal brand, it’s not without blood, sweat and persistence (not tears!). It’s many nights and days spent creating and putting it out there, with the hopes that someone may catch onto it and having the brand slowly develop from baby steps. It’s about having patience and a little bit of faith that your efforts will pay off – after taking a lot of time to build something without any guarantee. It’s about holding fast to the very core reason of why you started. That reason of sharing and connecting.

Creating content doesn’t have any end to it. You can measure success with different milestones, but it never really stops. The ideal is to have your content and brand grow as much as possible, into something you could’ve never imagined happen to you.

Of course, content needs to have purpose. There is a certain formula behind creating – making sure that content is relevant, helpful and insightful. And ensuring that whatever you put in is of quality. If there’s no basic recipe of your final dish, it’ll be a mess. Throw in a pinch of perseverance and keep going.

Speaking from experience, building a base of content is pretty tough. I kind of underestimated the amount of work that would go into mellowpaints, and it eats up a bit of my time. Around an hour a day I spend making new artwork, when I’m on the train or bus I’m writing blog posts, when I’m up late at night I’m recording audios for videos. I think of  new ways to make my artwork engaging. Sometimes, my ideas may not work out, or it takes a while for results to show. And it can be frustrating!

Half the time, it’s easier to throw in the towel. Stop having a goal to build something up, but then that side of you kicks it – the passion that got you started in the first place. And if that passion is strong enough, it’ll carry you through anything.



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