digital nature landscapes

Nobody loves painting fairylands as much as Tina Britney does. With every mesmerising painting coming from her imagination, her Instagram features her miniature creations.

Tina has always been surrounded by art.

In high school, she studied Fine Arts. She furthered her studies in Mass Art at Boston and off campus at Northeastern University. The fairyland artist has even gone as far as winning the Boston Globe Art Awards!

Screenshot 2018-10-25 at 19.55.08

Tina’s sunset, painted with acrylic on wood.

“To me art is a way to escape into a world that’s only in my mind and heart, and then I share it to the world. Art is heart and art is life all around us.”

Tina was captivated by the masters of Impressionism because of the way they captured light and colours. As f as what inspires her, it’s definitely nature. After all, she enjoys admiring her surroundings.

“I have been fascinated by tiny little things all my life,” she says.


Tina’s miniature paintings, with a quarter for scale.

Her fascination with tiny things have spilled over to her artwork. Tina works primarily on miniature canvases, some going as small as the size of a quarter (which is around 0.95 inches by 0.069 inches). Going tiny is her trademark style.

With all these elements combined, her artwork showcases the essence of the world she has built.

Tina feels that people may not realise the difficulty of miniature paintings. To her, it’s “actually more difficult than larger works.”


The fairlyland artist is always inspired by nature.

When asked about advice she’d give young artists, she feels that it’s important for one to practise their craft daily and never give up.

Art has been an integral part of her life; it’s her way of being able to express what comes from within.

As she beautifully puts it, “Art is heart and art is life all around us.”

ATM (Artist of The Month) is a monthly series that features a different artist on Instagram. I contact artists that I admire and write their stories!


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