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Damn do I really love Wacom tablets. (PS: I’m not sponsored or anything hahaha)

I got my very tablet when I was 11 as a gift. It was the Wacom Bamboo CTH-460 model.


CTH-460 (Image credit: Amazon)

My fascination with drawing/painting digitally started when I was very young. I remember going to a trade show one day, and seeing Cintiq right before my eyes. I was so intrigued. My young mind couldn’t process the logic of drawings appearing on screen. Art to me was using paper and pencil.

I remember trying to replicate drawings on MSPaint. My VERY FIRST digital artwork was Nyan Cat – the meme I was super, duper obsessed with. I spent hours watching the video on repeat, I learnt the song on piano and memorised it by heart (surprisingly, I was quite good at it!). I even cosplayed as Nyan Cat at one point… My god, drawing Nyan Cat with a mouse took serious effort and dedication. I remember zooming in to look at each pixel to be sure that I had the proportions right. As a 10 year old, I’d say it isn’t half bad.


My first digital artwork


Fast forward a while later, my dad got me my first Wacom. I felt ready to go! Somehow, I stumbled across I don’t think it’s that active now, nor do I think it was a very active platform to begin with, but it was free and I was pumped. I used my tablet and drew out many different patterns. It kept me occupied for hours.

Screenshot 2018-10-08 at 14.58.53.png was the very first platform I published works on… However, they’ve all been deleted!

Sadly, I left my Wacom on the shelf for many years because digital art didn’t interest me that much. This year (like what 8/9 years later??) I plugged it into my MacBook and surprisingly, it worked! The pen and basically the whole tablet was in mint condition. I’m shocked that the pen nib didn’t have to be replaced at all.

It was then I decided to give my trusty old Wacom another good run. For many hours, I used it every single day. But as we all know, time is not always our friend. My Wacom was listed under ‘previous generation’ when I tried to download the driver for it. My pen started to fail. Everything was slowly malfunctioning. I didn’t want to give up on my Wacom just yet. I would restart my computer again and again. From time to time, Wacom would show life, before drifting off again. It was time to say goodbye.

As much as I would’ve loved a Cintiq, there wouldn’t be any point because I’m not a professional artist LOL. I won’t lie, it’s pretty darn sexy though 😉 Anyway, I was looking around for a new replacement, and back to Wacom I went. I hadn’t actually been tablet shopping before. I didn’t really have any specifics in mind, as long as it could work and do it’s job, I’ll be fine. After all, tools are there to only aid us – not magically change how our creations appear!


CTL-4100 (Image credit: Wacom)

I settled on the Wacom Intuos CTL-4100. It comes with different backing colours but I didn’t care too much about that. Black was sleek enough! Plus I knew I wanted a small tablet, nothing too big. The area to work on 4100 is MUCH better than 460 and it’s so worth the purchase. I got it at SGD$99 because there was a sale on the Wacom site.

As much as I hated the idea of replacing my old tablet, I definitely don’t regret it. It’s a lot easier now to do artwork on Photoshop, and I don’t need to worry about some malfunctioning (just yet). I grew up with a Wacom tablet, and I suppose it’ll grow more with me too as I get older.

Oh yeah! But this is pretty much my gear when I make digital art. Photoshop, a couple of free brushes, and a trusty Wacom tablet. Can never go wrong with Wacom 🙂

What tools do you use to create?

With warmth,



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